The End of the Nation-State

The nation-state experiment has become empires in disguise

Written by by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~and published in March 26, 2022

Dali- Time Warp

Talk about a handicap. Our species is struggling under the massive weight of unacknowledged failure. The denied awareness that almost all of our preeminent Western systems are failing haunts and deforms us.

We hide that failure under the individual daily and weekly disasters that are the bread and butter of our deformed media empires. These disasters are normal, so there is no need to be too concerned. We have become very good at ignoring the signs of our demise.

No matter how bad the individual disasters, all generated directly or indirectly by our systemic failures, we are never more than three minutes away from the artificial world of Capitalist Realism. So the irony of American commercials for trucks endlessly repeating between images of war and desperate immigrants never registers.

We impulse buy in the face of imminent disasters. But which set of images are actual.

Even the constant American mass killings resulting from a population told they must have assault weapons because murder is entertainment is no threat. They will be interrupted by commercials for the good life. That is reality.

Endless horror inundates us, but we’ve learned that these are individual events with no more significant meaning. Stupidity is the standard, and any logical connection between destructive attitudes and terrible events is only a product of conspiracies.

Freedom has become only the right to hate anything different than what our favorite talking heads repeat. But there is no logic, and the only continuity is stupidity and hatred. You need to listen carefully as the message may change.

We must admit the systemic failures pulling us into an apocalyptic collapse. Why must we suppress our fear of nuclear war by insane tyrants attempting brutal conquest? Why must we accept that this is just something that happens?

Destruction of the planet is not something that just happens. It can so easily be considered just another story, which means that there is no way to stop it. Our self-destruction is already being accepted, with a significant portion of the population working to achieve it.

Systemic failure is becoming endemic as if that is something that can be lived with even as we die. Failing systems are cancer that we will not survive.

Unless we aggressively force the removal of failing systems, we will lose all hope. There are so many that feel helpless, but that is the propaganda from our failing systems. That is the inertia of dysfunctional systems that protect those directly supported by those systems.

We need to fix the problems and eliminate the failing systems before it is too late. Unfortunately, removing the despots will not work as there are too many of them, from big to small. Most are limited only by the size of the country they have taken over. But with enough brutality and willingness to kill people for their benefit, they can build large missiles and buy nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong-un of North Korea is usually ignored, except by the Japanese because he keeps shooting missiles in their direction, but could manage to start a nuclear war all by himself.

Putin was always dangerous and a significant threat to the existing world order with his intense destabilization attacks on the US and Great Britain. But Russia has been relegated to third world status for almost thirty years.

That Putin could place a ‘useful fool’ in the White House for one term is a direct cause of the Ukraine war and our current planetary threat. Our most extensive failed system is the 18th-century concept of the nation-state.

Nation-states cause every problem currently threatening us with an apocalypse. Whatever its pretense, nation-state governments are oligarchic, autocratic, failing, or all three. Whatever value they once had is now gone.

Things do not stay the same. We should know that by now. Despite the demented portion of our population that wants to revert to the past, we know we must manage change, or we will not survive.

Functional governments are, effectively, local, i.e., metropolitan governments: the larger the national government, the more dangerous and less functional. No large nation-state is considered anything other than a failure by its population.

The Ranking Of The Best Governments In The World

Country Legatum Index Government Ranking

Switzerland 1, New Zealand 2, Denmark 3, Sweden 4, Finland 5, Luxembourg 6, Canada 7, Norway 8, United Kingdom 9, Australia 10.

Note that no large countries with large populations are in the top ten. Both Canada and Australia are geographically large but relatively sparsely populated. The US ranks 10th in government and wealth, but this was before the Trump disaster and America’s steep decline.

China ranks 3rd economically but is very low in government and wellbeing.

We cannot afford to carry this weight of dysfunctionality anymore. It is killing us.

We must call the nation-state experiment a failure.

Cities work. Towns and villages work. Global alliances work for trade and economies of scale. Nation-states bring insanity.

We can argue that the evolution of the nation-states brought rights and standards to regional populations except when they didn’t. As a representative nation-state concept replacing monarchies and early republics, the great American Experiment was the peak but has not worked out.

The critical need for universal rights must be completely separate from any national political system that will only undercut those rights. Instead, we have the rudimentary infrastructure in the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, or International Commission of Jurists.

In many cases in existence for decades, nation-states regularly ignore these courts unless massive military power is brought down on them. Eliminate the nation-states and the tribal laws used politically to brutalize and exploit people commonly enacted in the more backward parts of the United States and other neofascist or theocratic nations.

Large regional nations built on empires of conquest are human failures. But unfortunately, the cost of ethnic minority oppression and mass exploitation for a small elite is universal in the 21st century for all regional nations.

China, built on twenty-five hundred years of empire, is the most successful but only by heavily modifying socialist and capitalist economics. Nevertheless, by maintaining, at least, the principle of the commons and shared ownership as a priority, it is steadily beating the elitist capitalist nations. But that is achieved with great suffering among minorities and the routine planetary destruction that is killing us all.

The sudden rush to conquest by Russia attempting to restore its regional empire in the face of the collapsing American empire shows the bankruptcy of the nation-state system. Instead, the squabbling of the national rulers is solely focused on maintaining their power and massive wealth, with even lip service to representative governmental forms no longer required.

Biden’s strident defense of democratic states in his NATO speech sounds almost as false as Putin’s use of nazism in justifying the Russian conquest of Ukraine. The best that we can achieve under the failed nation-state system is the lesser evil, but that is no longer good enough.

Biden’s minders immediately ‘walked back’ his statement that Putin cannot remain in power. A dangerous precedent will be set if oppression and military conquest are reasons to remove a ruler from power.

The result of this doubletalk for everyone else is suffering, death, and the growing fear of nuclear war for no meaningful purpose except the greed of the oligarchic elite.

Author: Joe

I am a retired psychologist now writing freelance . I have published Commonsense Wisdom for Everyday Life, Young Man of the Cloth, The Pastor's Inferno, Navigating Life: Commonsense Reflections for the Voyage, Release Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life, and Make the Best of Your Teen Years. I wrote a newspaper column in Batavia, NY for fourteen years. My articles are now available in my free newsletter, Sliding Otter News. Subscribe free at

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